Michael Milesi
Racing Career 
20​ year old Michael Milesi from Malibu, California, started his career in karting at the age of 15, in the Jim Hall Sodi Kart Championship.  In his rookie season with no prior racing experience, Michael came within 4 points of the championship, finishing 3rd overall.   Michael won the championship in his 2nd and 3rd seasons, before stepping up to the KPV class.  In July of 2014 Michael began working at Target to support his career.  This allowed him to purchase a 2013 Art Grand Prix chassis.  In Michael's first full KPV season in 2015 Michael won his 3rd karting championship.  In 2016 Michael stepped up to the regional Formula 100 FK1 Karting Championship.  Here he took his 4th championship.  In 2018 Michael will be making the transition to cars.
In 2018 Michael entered the Champion Auto Parts Search for a Champion sponsorship contest.  Out of hundreds of entries from all around the country, Michael finish in the top 10, winning a $5,000 sponsorship from Champion Auto Parts.  With support from Champion Auto Parts Michael participated in several Spec Miata weekends.  He also competed in multiple triathlons where in his last race of the year in the Playa Del Rey Triathlon he achived his first podium finish in his division.
 In 2017 Michael will not be competing in any series full time, but rather focus on the transition from karts to cars.  In June Michael completed the Danny Mckeever's Fast Lane racing school fufilling the requirements of the NASA licence.  To keep up his race craft Michael will be competing in a select few Jim Hall and F100  karting events.    
2016 Summary 
After consecutive 2nd place finishes in the opening two rounds of the season, Michael suffered an engine failure during round 3.  After missing round 4 due to the damage caused by the engine failure, Michael returned to the track at round 5.  After a difficult day, Michael took the victory with a dominant main event win.  At round 6, Michael would take the top step of the podium for the second consecutive time.  After finishing 2nd at Willow Springs Michael only needed 2 points to secure the title at the final race.  During the final round of the season Michael finished 2nd securing his 4th karting championship. 
In a very competative year Michael was the only repeat winner, the only driver to hold more than 1 fastest lap, and the only driver to finish every race on the podium (apart from a dnf & dns)  with a lowest finishing postion of 2nd.